Safety Award

The Drilling Safety Association is proud to present the DAN GRIEVES SAFETY AWARD
to outstanding drilling contractors, manufacturers, or individuals who display:

  • Exceptional regard for safety
  • Innovation of safety techniques or technology
  • Landmark achievements in safety advancement
  • Dedication to safety in drilling education
  • Selfless acts which deserve recognition

Dan Grieves was a good driller who had a bad day at work.  The international drilling community must take this loss of life as a prime example that accidents can occur, and it is our responsibility to safeguard against all hazards to ensure that the integrity of the drilling profession is as solid as the ground we are drilling.

The Dan Grieves Safety Award is the highest honour a drilling professional can receive, because it identifies that they have taken the initiative to create a safer workplace for their colleagues.  Many of these leaders will never know if their efforts will save lives because through their innovation, courage, and determination workers will never have the opportunity to be placed in harms way.  For this reason it is imperative that they be recognized to encourage others to take the same proactive approach to unite a global drilling industry for a common purpose : SAFETY.

Please nominate your colleagues whom you believe have displayed the qualities described by forwarding a detailed outline of why they deserve this prestigious award.    We thank you for your input.

The DSA would like to take a moment to remember the drilling professionals, and anyone who has been fatally injured while on the job.  Your sacrifice will not go unrecognized, and has brought the safety standards of the drilling industry to the pinnacle of where they are today.