To become a Certified Contractor / Technician with the Drilling Safety Association means consistent dedication to ensuring the safest workplace for all employees over all factors!  It holds a responsibility to identify and eliminate hazards, or potential for danger before any risk to the worker and general public ever has a chance to occur.  As a DSA Certified Contractor / Technician one must set a precedence throughout the international drilling community, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding and implementation of the highest standards of processes and procedures, training requirements, equipment safety devices, and worker safety equipment as demonstrated throughout the training modules.

Zero incidents is our goal, not just locally but throughout the global drilling industry.  We can achieve this through education, technology, and communication.  With a competent commitment to these objectives, every worker will have the opportunity to go home at the end of the day.

The DSA looks forward to assisting all participants to undertake this certification procedure.  Upon successful completion the contractor will gain useful tools to ensure:

  • Standardized basic training is completed by all workers
  • Employee job skills are itemized and recorded giving each employer a documented record of specific abilities, so that no worker will be placed in a situation they are not  trained for.
  • Equipment specifications and maintenance meet or exceed both manufacturer and regulatory requirements providing optimal protection to the worker.
  • Emergency devices and protective equipment are accounted for and readily accessible
  • All pre-project planning is completed and a job safety analysis for each activity has been created

Completion of the DSA Contractor / Technician Certification programs are an essential undertaking by every company and drilling professional who is involved with the activity of drilling holes regardless of the purpose.  The intent of this exercise is to develop / match worker skills to the tasks assigned, upgrade equipment to include the most current/appropriate technology, provide understanding of emergency devices and necessary personal protective equipment,  and to perform all other pre-project planning responsibilities in a systematic approach.

Once these requirements are accomplished, the factor of safety on every work site will increase giving each worker the opportunity to perform their jobs safely, efficiently, and to have the opportunity to enjoy a lasting, meaningful career which everyone can take pride in.

The DSA is committed to providing professional consultancy services guiding each contractor / technician to successful completion of the DSA Contractor / Technician Certification programs.  We truly appreciate your proactive initiative to create a safer workplace, and look forward to welcoming you as our newest DSA Certified Contractor / Technician!